Introducing Rails

The path of innovation is not a straight line.

It's two.

Great design is clear no matter how well concealed.


Design without Compromise

Anidolic Optics

The continuation of Anidolic optic technology redefines high performance recessed application. Twin parallel optics span illuminated horizontal planes to reveal a balance of unexpected aesthetics and uncompromising performance.

Anidolic + Extraction

The clear Anidolic stage of the optic homogenizes light from intense LED point sources into a uniform, accurate and consistent color. The lower stage of the rail optic delivers precise extraction, emitting a high performance distribution with exceptional optical control and efficacy.

Precision + Balance

The dual optical rails, balanced with the luminous floating effect of the translucent horizontal panels, eliminate visible images of intense LED point sources. The result is a precise distribution providing greater on-center spacing, exceptional work plane uniformity with lower energy density and maximum visual comfort.

  • Anidolic Optics
  • Anidolic + Extraction
  • Precision + Balance

Integration with architectural intention.

Great design is clear no matter how well concealed.

Recessed redefined.

IntroducingProfile Mini

A hand showcases the new Profile Mini from Fluxwerx.

A balance of performance and design.


Illustration of the Profile Mini

A continuation of the minimalist architectural aesthetic of the original Profile series maintaining all the same technical performance, energy efficiency and exceptional illumination.

Illustration of the Profile Mini


Design without Compromise

Anidolic Optics

The convergence of Anidolic optics with an open aesthetic and architectural materials creates the opportunity for a broad range of applications. Vertical optical structures with linear light extraction elements deliver optical precision and control, balancing occupant comfort with high performance and value.


Low angle indirect distributions require minimal suspension distances to create uniform, luminous ceiling planes. Suspended luminaires with combined direct and indirect distributions maximize visual comfort as well as the spatial and energy efficiency of the architectural volume.


Anidolic optical structures disperse and mix light, eliminating any visible images of the LED point source and ensuring accurate and consistent color.


Linear extraction elements in the lens precisely refract and reflect light directly and indirectly, emitting high performance distributions with exceptional optical control and efficacies.

The clarity of the lens and the open designs of the luminaires uniquely creates visibility directly through the fixture and allows natural light to flow through and permeate the space.

  • Anidolic Optics
A long, minimal Profile Mini light fixture runs along the ceiling of a hallway in a modern office building.

Unparalleled architectural performance by any measure.

A white table and chairs in a modern office with sleek, minimal lighting.

Good design is not what is added, but what can be removed.

Two women standing at a desk in a bright office space.

Minimal presence. Maximum performance.


Profile Mini Endcap Square


Metallic Silver
Clear Anodized

Designed with you in mind. Easy. Fast. Simple.

When you order Fluxwerx products, you don’t just get high quality luminaires, you get instant online quoting and documentation tools, simple order processing, customer service support and contractor-ready shipments. Everything you need to ensure fast, accurate delivery for the tightest project schedule.

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Integrated Controls

Our flexible integrated mounting options provide easy installation for any ceiling conditions. Agnostic electromechanical design simply integrates with lighting control protocols such as 0-10V, DALI, and a variety of energy management systems.

Enlighted wireless, networked smart sensor integrates occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, energy usage, temperature and light level control.

nLight wired, 2-way network supports luminaire light level control as well as occupancy and daylight sensors.

EldoLED drivers support common wired protocols, 0-10V and DALI. They also provide access to finer dimming control, dynamic white and Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless.

Lutron EcoSystem network protocol enables on/off, dimming, occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting.

Spring 2019


The path of innovation is not a straight line. It's two.

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Profile Mini

A balance of perfect design.

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Integrated Controls

Flexible integrated mounting options for easy installation.

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